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With all the Ice Dam's and cold weather on the way.This is becoming a real concern.
  How can ice dams be prevented?
The worst dams occur when deep snow is followed by very cold weather. So the best
course of action is to act immediately:
Remove snow from the edges of roofs with a snow rake
Make channels through ice to allow the water to drain – not all snow and ice has to
be removed to be effective
Obtain professional help to remove as much snow as possible from the roof
There seems to be a lot of advice in the news these days concerning how to
handle ice dams. What advice should not be followed?
First and foremost maintain your safety and never try to knock ice down from over
your head or put a ladder on a pitched ice covered roof.
Don’t chip away at the ice with sharp implements as this can lead to shingle damage
Salt or calcium chloride should not be used to melt the ice as they are corrosives and
can damage metal gutters, downspouts and flashings.
How can future ice dams be prevented?
Prevention is key! Make sure to control heat loss through the attic and keep it cold
by increasing insulation and maintain adequate attic ventilation.
Does a Homeowners policy cover damage caused by an ice dam?
Generally most Homeowners policies will cover damage caused by an ice dam such as:
Interior water damage – water running down walls
Damage to insulation in walls and attic
Mold and mildew
Damage to shingle
Damage to siding
Rotted roof sheathing /fascia/soffit
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